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Bandwidth Management

As companies deploy more and more networked applications and services to support day-to-day operations and to stay competitive, IT organizations struggle to stay within budget while ensuring that sufficient communication resources are available to achieve acceptable service performance. To prevent traffic congestion and poor performance within such a complex business network organizations use network bandwidth management to maintain optimal accessibility and utilization of business-critical applications and information.

How we can help?

Our company enable you to better manage and control bandwidth. Our Gateways provide the on-ramp to service visitors, while our Application Management Appliances provide the means to control application bandwidth by allowing IT managers to review traffic patterns and content usage for intelligent management and allocation. The combination of the two appliances ensures fair and fast bandwidth for public access to keep Internet traffic flowing, stretch the value of their investments farther resulting in an improved user experience.

We enable operators to :

    • Enhance bandwidth in a modular and cost-effective way.
    • Monetize from demanding users while providing consistent experience to visitors with regular usage pattern.
    • Maximize the potential of existing bandwidth subscription(s).